April 23

Course Guarantee


We are committed to your success!

All the instructors in these courses have years of experience and if you find anything confusing or difficult, just add a comment and we’ll coach you through it. If we’re completely unable to help you, your tuition will be refunded, but that will be solely at our discretion after the student has asked for help. The reason is that there are some jerks in the world who’ll download all the examples, listen to all the lectures, then ask for a refund. If we’re sure we’re not able to help you, we’ll refund your tuition, but that’s solely at our discretion.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee the IRS will approve your application. That said, we’ve done thousands of these, almost all of which were approved the first time through. If the IRS has additional questions, we’ll work with you until those are resolved.


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