November 8

Pet Trust and Durable Power of Attorney for Pet Care


So you’ve made provisions for your pet in your will. Isn’t that enough?


First, to be effective, the will has to be probated. That can take weeks or months. Until then, your pets are in danger. They could end up dumped at a shelter.

Second, the will doesn’t provide immediate funds to care for your pets. It can’t, not until an executor is appointed.  What if one of them gets sick? Or even just needs monthly heartworm preventives.

This package of forms contains everything you’ll need to set up a Pet Trust and Durable Power of Attorney for Pet Care. Directions on how to complete the forms are included.

Note: This offering does not constitute legal advice. Getting the forms does not establish an attorney-client privilege. Always consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction for detailed, personal assistance.

  • This package consists of 5 pages of a model pet trust and 6 pages of a Durable Power of Attorney for Pet Care in Word format.
  • The cost is a one time charge of $25.
  • The documents are drafted in Microsoft Word so they are easy to modify and customize. The forms are designed to be effective in every state.  For details on each state’s laws, please consult your own state’s laws. Here is a link to all applicable statutes. 
  • The forms will be delivered via a download link on a page. Normally, you’ll have immediate access, barring any weird internet gremlins. 

Get the forms HERE.


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